We like to think that pest control is quite the desire here in St. George. While there are more than a few great pest control services in St. George, there is only one place that does what we do!

Bug Blasters is the best option for those searching for top of the line pest control services.

We’ve been servicing the area of St. George for more than 15 years – we know the area, we know the people (we love the people), and we certainly know how to perform pest control for the area!

With St. George cockroaches, spiders and scorpions come expertise pest control services that only we truly understand.

Bug Blasters offers the following expert services:

  • Exterior pest control spray
  • Interior pest control spray
  • Cobweb removal
  • Wasp nest inspection and removal
  • Granular pest product
  • Rodent bait stations placed around the home
  • Pre-emerge spring and fall
  • Fertilize grass
  • Grub treatment
  • Anthill inspection and treatment
  • Termite bait stations

Our St. George pest control services are designed to treat your property right.

St. George has certainly made a name for itself by offering a place for people all over the area, a multitude of awesome pest control options. But again- no one services quite as we do.

We do a lot of research making sure that the products we use are safe for use around homes and are labeled as such. We also utilize a Micro-encapsulated product that is made to last up to 90 days through rain or sprinklers.

What Makes Bug Blasters Pest Control Different?

Well, it’s quite simple really – our entire process is different. We use different products, different “weapons” so to speak, and different, but amazing customer service.

“We’ve been using the bug blaster team for years now, they’ve got the best customer service out there. I highly recommend them for all your bug needs. They stand behind the products they use and will come out at the drop of a hat to make sure you’re completely happy with their work.” – Jaime Miller

Since 2003, we have been providing the best pest control service in St. George and Washington County. We are a family owned company and are very involved in the day to day operations.

Having grown from handwritten schedules and contact lists to a fully automated scheduling system, we work hard to maintain the same level of great customer service year after year.

Bug Blasters has no obligated contracts. We believe that if we do the job correctly and efficiently, taking care of our customers, we will gain you as a customer for life.

If you are currently not a customer, please give us a chance to show you how pest control is done right and can be one less thing for you to worry about!

Packages We Offer

We’ve got pest control services like you wouldn’t believe.

The best part is the services we have are available in various packages, so there is something that fits, whatever your needs.

Our basic package starts at only $35 per treatment (varies depending on home size). This treatment includes both exterior and interior spraying.

The upgrade from there includes the exterior and interior spray along with cobweb removal, ant hill treatments and spraying around brick walls.

After that, there are services included in different packages from Silver up to Platinum, depending on the package you want for your home.

With granular pest products, grass fertilizer, termite bait and more, we’ve got all the services your heart desires.

So give us a call today to book the best pest control in St. George! We’ll see you soon.