Once the hot summer subsides in Southern Utah, and the temperatures begin to drop for winter, many people assume that their bug troubles are over until Spring.

You may not see bugs around Southern Utah as often during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean that the bugs are not there!

There are still plenty of bugs creeping and crawling during the winter months; they simply find different places to hide than the typical locations you find them during the warmer months.

Because bugs are still around during the winter months, it is necessary to use pest control in Southern Utah during the winter.

Let’s have a chat about where bugs go during the cold months, as well as what you can do to keep the bugs under control during winter.

Where Are The Bugs During The Winter Time?

During the summertime, it is common to see lines of ants marching down the sidewalk or to see mosquitos buzzing around your head.

In the wintertime, that activity has changed.

Although you don’t see them as often, bugs are still doing their best to survive during the winter months.

Typically, migration is the key to survival.  

Many butterflies, moths, and dragonflies fly south during the winter months.  Other bugs tend to hibernate.

The insect form of hibernation causes the metabolic rate to drop and enter into a resting state.

Bugs find a place to stay during their hibernation. These locations can be in man-made structures such as chimneys or attics, or in locations found in nature such as tree bark, piles of leaves, etc.

For some other bugs, they move indoors and continue their activity or lay dormant during the winter months.

These bugs that used to be living outside, are now inside where you are living!

This shift from outdoor living, to indoor living, is the main reason why you should still use Bug Blaster Pest Control during the winter months.

Often times, the bugs are dormant and waiting for a warm spring day to begin moving at their regular pace.

That is why pest control services in Southern Utah are just as important in the winter months than they are in the summertime

Why Do Bugs Move Inside During The Winter Months?

Many of the bugs that Bug Blaster Pest Control deals with in Southern Utah are arthropods.

Some common examples of arthropods are cockroaches, spiders, and ants.  

These types of bugs are exothermic–meaning they cannot produce their own heat.  

They are dependent on the temperatures where they live in order to survive.

When temperatures in Southern Utah start to dip, these types of bugs begin to scurry indoors where it is nice and warm, in order to survive.

Once you see one bug in your house who has decided to take advantage of the warmer temperature, you are safe to assume that there are more.

Once one bug comes to stay cozy in your home and enjoy the nice temperature, they also invite other bugs to do the same.

Once a few bugs find a great shelter, they give off a chemical signal, letting other bugs know that where they are at is a great place to wait out the winter months.

Where Can You Find Bugs in Your Home During The Winter Months?

Many of these bugs that have found refuge in your home during the winter months will not be found in common areas where you, and your family, spend a majority of your time.

They are searching for warm, dark places where they can spend the cold season of the year.

This often leads them to set up camp in basements and closets.

Another place to keep an eye on during the winter months is your pantry.  

Pantries often times are dark– perfect for a bug to spend the winter.   

Not only are they dark, but they also give easy access to food. Bugs like to find a spot during the winter time where there is darkness, but also has a food resource.  

A pantry is a perfect spot for bugs to hang out during the winter months.

Keep your food closed in order to prevent more unwanted visitors from coming in and making your pantry their home.

How To Prevent Large Amounts of Insect Activity During The Winter Months?

Bugs can be an issue in the winter months, but there are a few things you can do to prevent a bug infestation.

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give is to keep your house clean.  

Bugs will find anywhere they can to wait out the winter months. From piles of clothes, to open food– bugs will take advantage and find a way to make a home for themselves in anything.

Be sure to leave minimal messes. Do not have piles of clothes in an area for a large amount of time. Try your best to close food containers and packaging.  

Keeping the exterior of your home clean will also help with bug activity inside during the winter months.

Avoid large amounts of trash, debri, etc., close to your home.  

If bugs stay temporarily in this build up that is near your home, they are that much closer to entering in your home and making a permanent place during the winter.  

These small practices will help you have a few less bugs roaming around your house.

One of the best actions you can take during the winter months to prevent insect activity is you have your home serviced.

Getting your home serviced during the winter months is an action that will keep you safe and happy during the winter months and prevent large amounts of insect activity in your home once the weather begins to warm up.   

Why Bug Blasters Recommends to Spray During The Winter Months

It is best to stay on top of your treatments to ensure that you don’t have issues arising if the product has worn off since your last treatment.  

We receive many calls on scorpions and ants in the winter time that are trying to get away from the cold temperatures outside.

Keep on your regular spray cycle that you have established with us to ensure that your home is as bug free as possible during all seasons of the year!

Always remember that pest control in Southern Utah is just as important in the winter time as it is in the summertime.  

Take the necessary actions in order to have a bug free home during the winter.

If you have any questions or would like to get a service quote, give us a call!