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Our pest control team is equipped to handle any pest situation. Bug Blasters has performed pest control services for Washington and the surrounding Southern Utah areas for 16 years. We have a team ready and available to help.

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Poor housekeeping is just one way cockroaches become a problem. They breed quickly so act fast.


There are plenty of ways for spiders to get in. They can be in search of heat, moisture, food or friends.


A few entering because of poor sanitation and food scattered around the house can lead to infestation.


Plants, garbage and other insects can draw wasps to your home. Clean up your messes, and cover the trash.


Bees look for dark, safe areas to nest. If you have areas exposed to the outside, there is a risk of infestation.


The path for termite infestations is typically from the yard to the foundation of the home.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be picked up anywhere, and get back home with you by hiding in personal belongings, like a purse.


Because of their adaptability, rodents can be difficult to exterminate. They also reproduce quickly.


By finding gaps or holes in your structure, bats can get in and use your attic or another place for roosting.

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“Been using the Bug Blasters team for years now, best customer service out there. I highly recommend them for all your bug needs. They stand behind the products they use and will come out at the drop of a hat to make sure you are completely happy with their work.” – Jaime M

By taking quick action, you can prevent infestations from spreading and significantly reduce the risk of pests throughout your home.

Why Choose Bug Blasters?

Experts in Washington Pest Control

When pests or rodents go unnoticed, it can grow and spread into quite a headache. The problems that infestations can cause in the home may be difficult to handle. By hiring our expert team, we can have your situation taken care of in no time.

No Obligated Contracts

Unfortunately, pests are something that we all deal with. Nobody wants the stress of committing to a pest control company. We don’t believe that customers should be locked into an expensive contract. We have different packages available to fit your needs. Call our Washington pest control team today.

How Should I Handle A Pest Problem?

With the hectic pace of modern life, your calendar is often busy and your list of things to do is getting longer. But when you realize that unwanted insects invade your house, you see the thing as another task to take care of.

Since you are already overwhelmed, the temptation is strong to skip steps and spread the first insecticide you can get your hands on. Do not make the mistake of choosing your weapon without even knowing your enemy.

In order to choose the most suitable, and the best solution for your situation, you will have to start by identifying house insects.


Each problem has its solution: it is even truer in this case! It is crucial to identify the insects that invade your home in order to choose the most suitable method to eradicate them. Otherwise, you may end up fighting fire with oil instead of water!

For example, some insects are very stubborn and remain insensitive to the effects of insecticides; using it in your home could be very expensive, as well as causing potential health risks for you, your loved ones and even your pets!

In the case of an insect invasion, doing business with a professional will ensure that the problem is properly handled.

Pest management experts are very familiar with the different species of insects that can invade your home, and know how to treat the problem with the appropriate solution, without wasting effort and time and money.


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